Just a " customer " not in the Industry so thought I would seek some advice ( Thanks Google )

I am a Progressive guy. Been with Essilor in the past.
Current eyewear..... Varilux / Crizal / Trans XA Green / Green Flash mirror
Need new Rx and wanting to go Zeiss ( I heard better/cheaper )

I really like the PhotoFusion Blue for a Transition BUT..............
They do not darken indoors and in while driving. I am light sensitive and also bad road glare so I need a coating that would help with that.
I have been to a couple Optical Shops and GEEEEEZ. " No you cant have this, not that will not fly " etc.

I want a GOOD Progressive
I want PhotoFusion Blue
I want Flash Mirrors ( White/Silver or? )
I want Blue Protect / DuraVison / Polarized
I want a 25% Blue Tint

They all say NO.

Also, I read someplace that it was possible to get Zeiss Coatings on a none Zeiss lens. Say a Varilux and add Zeiss PF /DV with flash Mirror?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and offer some advice. Thanks Y'ALL