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Thread: Calling all Lab folks

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    Calling all Lab folks

    Hello lab people,

    My little lab is growing rapidly... We are hitting a wall in that we just can't process the jobs manually any more. We ran out of trays today for the first time.

    My questions are what software does your lab use, and what are the plusses and minuses of that software?

    Is it affordable, user friendly, servicable etc.

    I want to leave it wide open, because I want to consider everything as we are about to spend a lot of money on this!


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    Don't know what kind of software you're talking about.

    We still do everything the old fashioned way. :hammer:

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    Anything I can do to help you get going let me know...

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    The two "biggies" are Optifacts and DVI. Our lab uses Optifacts and we have always had good luck with it. The plus side of DVI is their on-line ordering which is more user friendly than Vision Web (the way accounts order on-line with Optifacts.) With all the pushing and pulling going on in all aspects of the industry right now, these two companies probably have the best relationships with all vendors to keep you up to date on new lenses and get the information loaded quickly. Let me know if I can be of more help.

    And if you want more trays, I can help;)

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    The lab I used to work for used DVI, the lab I work for now uses Optifacts (Optifacts is Essilor owned, don't know if that matters to you) From a sales rep standpoint I really liked DVI because the reports it printed out were very comprehensive and it seems much harder to get optifacts to do the same stuff. I have had to play customer service rep with both systems and had to look up jobs, etc and I found Optifacts a little less confusing from that aspect. With both you can set it up to bar code the trays and scan the job which makes it much easier to track through the lab (i.e at the generator, at edger # 3, out for AR, etc) Both will allow you to print out a work in process report that you can send to your accounts to keep them up to date on their work (if they read it! ;) ) Good luck!! Congrats on being so busy! I LOVE it when we run out of trays, means I am doing my job!!
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    Anyone have expirience with CC systems?

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    We've been using CC Systems for about 6 years with the Gerber Coburn Premier Lab setup. No problems, customer support has gone to E-mail which we had some trouble getting stated but other than that its a good prgram. They unveiled a new version of their Lab Program a couple of years ago and my employer hasnt choosen to upgrade yet.

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