Beaverton, OR - PRIO Corporation has announced that the Nikon? Online?, a near variable focus (NVF) lens marketed by Essilor of America for computer users, can now be fitted and ordered by using PRIO's lens calculating software, Shazam! This is the first non-PRIO lens made available through the Shazam! software.

"We are very excited about working with PRIO," said Kurt Matsumoto, Vice President of Marketing, Essilor of America. "PRIO is a leader in computer vision care and we see the Shazam! software as an excellent way to help our ECP customers utilize near variable focus (NVF) lenses designed specifically for computer users."

PRIO developed Shazam! as a quick and easy way to determine the correct NVF lens for computer users. Prior to this, many ECPs found the process of fitting and ordering these lenses to be difficult and complex.

"We're thrilled that Essilor, a world-leader in the lens industry, sees Shazam! as the vehicle to make NVF lenses the standard for computer eyewear," said Jon Torrey, President and CEO of PRIO Corporation. "This lends increasing credence to the benefits of Shazam! by taking the guesswork out of the fitting and ordering process."

The Nikon? Online? lens is available in +5.50 to -8.00D power ranges in 1.67 high-index material with three power shifts: 1.00, 1.50, and 2.00 D. It is also available in CR-39 with +5.50
to -7.00 power ranges and two power shifts: 1.00D and 1.50 D. All of these lenses are available with Crizal? and Crizal Alize? coatings. The minimum recommended fitting height for the Online? lens is 15mm.

PRIO's development of Shazam! came as the result of a survey that revealed that while many ECPs see the benefit in prescribing such lenses, confusion over their fitting and ordering prevented their wide usage. Until now, only the PRIO Browser and PRIO Computer Lens (PCL) could be used with Shazam! Essilor's inclusion of the Online? lens on PRIO's Shazam! software is only the latest example of Essilor's interest in growing the computer vision market. Earlier this year, Essilor Labs of America (ELOA) added PRIO's PCL and Browser lenses to its list of non-Essilor product-approved vendors.

PRIO's family of lenses is now available through all ELOA labs.
The latest version of Shazam! 4.0, runs on all computer platforms and allows ECPs to fit NVF lenses on all patients, including children. It is accessible through PRIO's website (www.prio.com <http://www.PRIO.com>) and can be saved as a Word document and sent to labs as attachments to electronic orders or stored within patient records.

For more information on PRIO's computer vision care products and services, visit www.prio.com or call 800-621-1098.