National Consumer Media Relations Initiatives to
Complement Ongoing Consumer Advertising Program
PINELLAS PARK, Fla., Jan. 25, 2004 – Transitions Optical, Inc. will further increase the eye health discussion among consumers and help build awareness about the need for UV and glare protection by launching its largest-ever consumer media outreach program in 2004. The program will include a variety of educational efforts designed to inform the media about the latest trends in eye health and create consumer interest in the photochromic category.

“We know that there is low awareness of the need for UV and glare protection for the eyes among consumers and that the news media is an important source to help build this awareness,” said Frank Reilly, North America marketing director, Transitions. “We found there was a knowledge gap that existed among consumers and therefore wanted to expand upon the initial media outreach success that we’ve seen during the last few years. That’s why we’re pleased to add to our early results with a highly intensified program in 2004.”

The Transitions consumer media outreach program will focus on local and national television, radio, newspaper, magazine and Internet coverage. As part of the outreach, Transitions will be targeting Hispanic news media for the first time to reach them with an eye health message. Outreach is to newspaper, magazine and broadcast media reaching the expanding Spanish-speaking audience.

Outreach Complements 2004 Advertising Initiatives

The consumer media relations initiative is part of a multi-tiered consumer outreach program that also maintains Transitions’ strong consumer advertising campaign.

The 2004 television advertising campaign will be seen on all the major networks and a number of national events, including The Kentucky Derby and a number of PGA telecasts. In addition, the television ads will be on air more weeks than last year and will be viewed by more consumers. In fact, the television ads will air more than 4,000 times throughout the year. Print advertisements will run in general interest and health-related publications in the first half of 2004, with additional insertions in parenting and family-oriented publications in the second half of the year to coincide with back-to-school news coverage.
In addition, Transitions will be visible through sponsorships of several health-related cable programs, including CNBC’s Health Theme Day, MSNBC’s Health Watch, The Weather Channel’s UV protection index and several vignettes on Discovery Health.