Transitions Healthy Change Sweepstakes Promotes Everyday Vision Protection and Supports
Eyecare Professionals With Six Grand Prizes Worth $25,000 Each
PINELLAS PARK, Fla., Jan. 25, 2004 – Transitions Optical, Inc. is set to introduce a national sweepstakes promotion in the United States that will be an exciting way for eyecare professionals to discuss the everyday vision protection benefits of Transitions® Lenses as part of overall health and wellness.

The Transitions Healthy Change Sweepstakes, which begins Feb. 1 and ends Sept. 30, will encourage eyecare professionals to educate their patients on why Transitions Lenses are a healthy choice for everyday lenses. For the first time, the promotion will be supported by national consumer advertising to help increase consumer interest in eye health and drive traffic to eyecare practices.

Transitions Healthy Change Sweepstakes marks the largest sweepstakes that the company has ever sponsored. The program includes six grand prize drawings for $25,000 each, seven special prize drawings and an estimated 6,500 instant win prizes. Other prizes include free Transitions Lenses upgrades and pre-paid American Express cards.

“Transitions Lenses have always helped consumers make a healthy change toward vision fitness by offering 100 percent automatic UV and glare protection,” said Samantha Platt, channel marketing manager, North America, Transitions. “We think eyecare professionals will be excited to recommend Transitions to consumers as an important component of everyday vision health.”

How It Works

As eyecare professionals prepare to participate in the Healthy Change Sweepstakes, they will complete a Transitions ABO-accredited education module or training with a Transitions Optical Solutions Team member, industry partner, or Transitions Platinum Elite STAR Lab. Transitions also offers a remote learning option when in-person educational training is not available. Following the training, eyecare professionals will receive an enrollment kit, which includes Scratch ‘n Win sweepstakes entry forms.
After enrolling in the program, eyecare professionals can enter the sweepstakes each time they discuss Transitions Lenses as an eye health option. Both the eyecare professional and the consumer have an instant chance to win with the Scratch ‘n Win form whenever Transitions are presented as an everyday lens option. Then, both parties can be entered in drawings for up to $25,000.

Transitions Platinum Elite STAR Lab representatives also have the exclusive opportunity to win one of seven special prize drawings held throughout the year. Consumers can enter the Healthy Change Sweepstakes at participating optical locations following a presentation about Transitions Lenses or by taking the consumer advertising insert entry form to any optical location.

Unprecedented Support for Eyecare Professionals and the Sweepstakes

Consumers will learn about the promotion through the advertising and via several other channels, including public relations initiatives, point-of-sale materials and through the Transitions Optical Web site.

“We really think eyecare professionals will enjoy this additional opportunity to bring the issue of eye health to their patients,” said Platt. “Through our marketing initiatives and our consumer advertising, we’re pleased to support eyecare professionals by encouraging consumers to contact them directly and ask for Transitions Lenses by name.”

Enrollment Details

To enroll in the program, eyecare professionals should call Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506, a Transitions Solutions Team member, their Platinum Elite STAR Lab representative or their lens caster.

The final sweepstakes drawing will be conducted on Oct. 15. Eyecare professionals can order additional sweepstakes materials by calling (800) 875-0027.