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Thread: 3 best things for eyes

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    According to the American Academy of Opthalmology, these are the Three BEST things a person can do for their eyes.

    1.) Wear sunglasses that filter out damaging UV light. (A brimmed hat is also recommended – preferably one with an Indianapolis Colts logo)

    2.) Eat at least Five servings of Fruits and Vegetables each day – especially those containing vitamins A and C and the carotenoids (beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, among others) hmmm..and I thought carotenoids were something that grew on a martial artists butt…

    3.) Get regular eye exams between ages 40 and 60 (every two to four years)

    Now that one surprised me…it didn’t seem like enough and it only included ages 40 to 60….does that mean I don’t have to see an eye doctor until I am 40 and then I pretty much only need to go 5 or 6 times the rest of my life?

    Anyway, Number 4 on the list was not published but it had something to do with hanging lots of pictures of Penelope Cruz and making sure you look at them often!

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    I don't know that sounds a little strange. I go every year and I am MUCH younger than 40. I think it is crucial to go every year even if not for an rx to have the health of your eyes checked. Often times we have had pts who were in last year no signs of disease then there it is caught early. Now some of these people if they had waited 2-4 years may not have been able to do anything to restore their vision. A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure especially where eyes are concerned.

    Just my thoughts about it,

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    Here I thought the three best thing for male eyes was A beautiful woman ..... and a nap afterwards.

    Eye exams are to make sure nothing goes wrong with the first three.

    Quess I was wrong again.

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    I think the operative (literally) word here is "Ophthalmology." Ophthalmologists are surgeons. Surgeons like to operate. The average M.D. doesn't want to "waste" their time performing eye exams on healthy 30 year old eyes (well, actually, their techs perform the eye exams- but that's another post ;) ).

    Ophthalmologists make their real money in the operating room, so they want to see patients in their offices who are more likely to need surgery. If you looked at the American Optometric Academy recommendations, I'm sure there would be something in there about the absolute necessity of having exams every one-two years for your entire life.

    Sadly, but true, it so happens that a lot of the "recommendations" on how all of us worker smurfs can live well just happen to put money in the pockets of the membership of all these medical societies. You should attend a continuing ed credit for a doctor sometime. Half the class regards actually performing a procedure- the other half is on how to bill Medicare (or some other third party) for it.


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    I have to disagree with that. Do you know why you go to the dentist every 6 months? Because in the 70's, the ADA launched a huge ad campaign saying you should. There are definite good reasons why to get your eyes checked regularly. Contact lens wearers - every year. Diabetes - every year. Over the age of 40 - every year. Between 18-40, every 1-2 years depending on status, risks.

    There are things such as glaucoma that have no symptoms, and it is well worth it to be checked, unless you want to let it go for a few years to save a few bucks, and then find out you have lost 30% of your peripheral vision that can never return.

    And you are incorrect about those seminars. I only wish there was more about billing medicare. :)

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