[bc]Optical Software Selects Acucorp as New Technology Partner[/bc]
Moncton, NB Canada – January 22, 2004 - Optical Software Inc., a leading software provider for the optical industry, is proud to announce a recently formed strategic alliance with Acucorp, Inc., a worldwide developer of legacy COBOL application extension solutions, as their new technology partner for future development. Acucorp will provide Optical Software with progressive development tools for maintenance, modernization, migration and integration of legacy systems. “Choosing a new technology partner was a critical decision for us,” explains Rodney McKiel, President for Optical Software. “Maximizing and preserving our development investment in COBOL while achieving the portability and performance the market demands was key in the decision making process. With a strong partner like Acucorp our industry leading lab management solutions will continue to develop and take advantage of the latest technologies.”

Optical Software finalized the decision to partner with Acucorp after evaluating several potential companies with both COBOL and non-COBOL solutions. They decided to stay with the proven and reliable technology of COBOL. Optical Software is successfully migrating their legacy RM/COBOL applications to newer technology while averting the unnecessary expense and disruption of complete software re-writes. Tony LeBlanc, Senior Technical Engineer for Optical Software comments on the decision, “We found no significant benefit to replace COBOL with an alternate language. Acucorp’s ACUCOBOL-GT is a modern robust COBOL language that enables us to leverage the knowledge of our seasoned programming staff and meet all of our development goals in less time, for less money.”

Acucorp development tools enabled Optical Software to migrate their powerful OMICS lab management software to a 32-bit application while maintaining and modernizing the vital business logic inherent to the existing solution. Optical Software programmers analyzed more than 500 programs, and thousands of lines of programming code, converting legacy parts of the OMICS application, originally developed for the DOS world, to a true Windows environment. The result is a more stable product, with more functionality and many more options for growth. The new 32-bit version of OMICS is expected to be available to Optical Software customers by mid-2004.

The 32-bit version of OMICS is only the first step in Optical Software’s expansive plan to over-haul their solutions and increase its marketability. “Aligning with Acucorp has enabled us to revitalize our solutions with exciting new technology and strategically position us to manage the demands of our expanding business needs,” says Jodi Nickerson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Optical Software. Optical Software customers can look forward to a powerful suite of new technologically advanced software solutions with state-of-the-art functionality. The conversion to a true Windows platform will allow Optical Software to incorporate the Internet, Windows programming functions, and gradually migrate business sections of the OMICS software to a true GUI (Windows-based) user interface, incorporating the familiar “look-and-feel” of Windows applications. “We will be aggressively investigating internet deployment of software updates and other data; thin-client deployment of our application across both local-area networks and the Internet; true client/server implementation of file systems; ODBC access to all OMICS data; as well as other opportunities that a true 32-bit Windows application provides,” explains Tony LeBlanc.

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