It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I sat helplessly for 2-1/2 days and watched as my beautiful and amazing daughter Elizabeth slipped away from this world. This is every parent's nightmare and no matter how hard I scream, cry or pinch myself I just can't wake up from it. Now I have to do something even harder - living on without ever seeing her fabulous smile, feeling her amazing hugs, or hearing her cheerful voice say "Hi Dad!"

Marlena and I are very grateful for the support and love shown by everyone - and in particular Liz's friends. They were wonderful throughout our ordeal and their love and respect for our daughter was truly heartfelt and amazing. They eased our pain through a very difficult time.

Every parent thinks their children are wonderful and certainly we are no exception. However to see and hear these things from her friends gave us some comfort to know how incredibly loved she was. I would like to share Liz with you through the words of her friends which they wrote in a journal at her Memorial Service. Here are just a few of the wonderful thoughts they shared with us:

"Dear Elizabeth, thank you for all of your wonderful smiles and twinkling eyes. I am sad that I wasn't able to have you in my life longer. You have always had an uncanny ability to make my day so much brighter and you had magical hands for backrubs. You have touched my life in so many ways. I wish we could declare your birthday a national holiday." - Sonny

"Hey Girlie! I only wish I could have told you once more how very much you mean to me and how very much I LOVE YOU!!! You have been an amazing force in my life. You are just amazing. My friend, sister, confidant. You were always there for me. Thank you for being Aunty to my daughter and the Homer Simpson watch started it and the bond between you two just grew. Elizabeth Machol - thank you, thank you, thank you. I Love You." - Jennifer

"I am so honored that I knew you! Everything about you touched me. Your humor. Your crazy fashions! :) Your smile. That smile...words cannot describe how beautiful your smile was. That $2000 smile! It was bright, golden, full of energy. Your warmth and your hugs, so full of warmth and love. Everything about you is amazing. Everything about you touched me. You will always be in my heart, my mind and my thoughts. You are truly...unforgetable." - Patrick

"I remember when you first took me under your wing - Guys & Dolls. I was the scared little Freshman, you the experienced Senior. And despite it being uncool, you always included me, taught me, and gave me the confidence to be myself. You were one of the most beautiful, warm, understanding and magical people I will ever know. You were always ready to cheer me up, give me advise when I felt lost, and help me out in a pinch. I will miss you so and will always keep you in my thoughts." - Sonya

"I have spend the better part of my life wondering what the nature of love is. I'm guessing that Elizabeth never had that conversation with herself because she knew. Why is it that everyone loved Elizabeth? It's because she loved everyone back." - Ian

"You changed everything. There was never anything I couldn't tell you, and I am so grateful for the time spent listening to your stories, your hopes, your trials. I will never forget your warmth, your smile or your constantly open heart. Thank you for sharing yourself so completely." - Dan

"Good bye Liz - I'll miss you so much, your smile and laugh were always infectious. When I was with you I appreciated all the love and joy you exuded. You were so full of life and you always saw the best in everyone you met." - Nancy

"Thank you for unconditionally welcoming everyone with your presence. Your selflessness and caring personality was an inspiration. I will miss being around you." - Elizabeth 'No. 2'

"It's hard for me to write anything since it's hard for me to acknowledge this as reality. I want to thank you for never being boring, not even once. And for being the person I talked and heard about EVERYTHING. The streets of heaven are lined with couture. I love you." - Vanessa

"I will never forget your smile. You have left such an impression on me and so many people that your love and compassion you have left us all is such a gift. I will always love you. You are such a light that will always shine in my eye." - Sierra

"Elizabeth was an amazing woman. Always full of love, joy and happiness. I've known her three years and everyday I saw her she was always happy and never had a moment of downtime. I have been blessed to know such an amazing woman and I will miss her dearly." - Dan W.

"To think I won't be able to talk to you or hear your laugh that could infect the saddest heart with joy is not sinking in. It's just not babe. I hope you are dancing and rocking out and your laughter is ringing out wherever you are." - Josh

"Hey! What kind of bull**** is this? You get back here - we want you here. Aw **** - Elizabeth - it was so good to know you and see your so very pretty face. You will be held and remembered with great love. Thank you for all you were." - Ken

"What can I say - you were not of this world. I know I feel blessed to have known such an angel as yourself. You touched every life you met with your unwavering kindness and warmth." - Ian

"I loved to flirt with you. Your gorgeous smile and beautiful eye with your wonderful personality made a great package." - Dino

"Your spirit and love and that gorgeous smile of yours will live on in my heart and the hearts of all the people that knew you. Your life and love should be an example to us all. Wise woman or giggling girl. I will remember you always. I love you Elizabeth." - Lisa

"The energy and that big smile every morning would just lift up all of our spirits and would help us get through each day.She was a bundle of life and energy. We all loved Elizabeth and nothing will be the same. Love you Biff. Miss you." - Casey

A large gaping hole has been torn from my heart. I wish I could say I will heal but it's hard to see how right now. Our family appreciates the great outpouring of love and support we've received. We ask in her memory that you smile at people, act kindly and approach others as if they're your friend. Please also consider being an organ donor.