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Thread: crizal insignia by fogging/bootleg crizal

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    crizal insignia by fogging/bootleg crizal

    Our essilor rep was in a few days ago, and did some strange breathing to fog a lens she wasn't sure was crizal. She didn't tell us why.

    Two days later a staff members noticed a crizal watermark on her lenses in a humid bathroom.

    So, is this insignia thing new? Is it publicized or kept quiet until all stock has it? Is it only on stock lenses or do surfaced lenses also get the insignia?

    Is there a problem with fake crizal out there?

    I remember an essilor member on the optiboard giving some good explainations.


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    Varilux Crizal

    I believe they put the airmarks on Varilux Crizal jobs.

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