Growing Number of Mixer Events Driven by Transitions Optical Solutions Team Provide Opportunities for Collaboration
PINELLAS PARK, Fla., July 8, 2003 – With Transitions Optical, Inc. rolling out the largest education initiative in its history, the Transitions Optical Solutions Team is working closely with Transitions lens manufacturing and STAR Lab partners to seize opportunities for eyecare professional education.

In 10 mixer events hosted by Transitions Solutions Team representatives over the past several months, partner organizations have learned about training resources available from Transitions Optical and laid the foundation for eyecare professional education throughout the year. In some cases, Transitions Solutions Team representatives have already joined these organizations in hosting events for their eyecare professional customers.

One mixer event prompted a lab to begin offering in-office training through the Transitions Partners in Education program, contributing to growth of nearly 50 percent in Transitions sales for the lab so far this year.

“In January, I attended a Transitions event organized by our Solutions Team representative, Kathy Carson, during which I enjoyed my very first hockey game and learned about the new educational tools available for us to offer our customers,” said Karen Ayres, sales consultant for Collard Rose, Whittier, Calif., a Transitions Platinum Elite STAR Lab. “Since then, I’ve conducted more than 30 in-office trainings, opening the door for growing relationships with existing clients and building relationships with others.”

To reach even more eyecare professionals, Collard Rose, Essilor of America and Transitions Optical teamed up to host three ABO seminars for eyecare professionals in May during which the ABO-approved “Light, Sight and Photochromic Lenses” course was presented to nearly 85 eyecare professionals in the San Diego/Orange County, Calif., area. This seminar is an expanded version of a module currently offered as part of the Transitions Optical Partners in Education program.

Transitions Optical Solutions Team as a Training Resource
The team of 34 Transitions Solutions Team representatives work directly with eyecare professionals to bring them the latest business-building strategies, product information and training resources from Transitions Optical. The team also serves as a resource for labs and lens manufacturers. They are available to jointly conduct training sessions or host customer events with lab and lens manufacturer partners, and can ensure sales forces are current on all the tools from Transitions Optical they can offer their eyecare professional customers.

“Through this ‘train the trainer’ approach, Transitions is sharing the wealth of educational resources we’ve developed for eyecare professionals with our partners,” said P.J. Downes, sales director labs/ECPs, Transitions. “Our ultimate goal is to reach as many eyecare professionals as possible with valuable information to aid them in offering healthy vision solutions to their patients.”

Downes added that Transitions lens manufacturer and Platinum Elite STAR Lab partners have been able to more than double the number of training sessions conducted through the Transitions Partners in Education program as Transitions’ own Solutions Team, demonstrating the value of this ever-growing network of educational resources for eyecare professionals.

Recent Mixer Events

Mixer events spearheaded by Transitions Solutions Team representatives held over the past several months include:

Portland mixer, Oct. 9, 2002, Veronica Acosta
Texas mixer, Jan. 18, 2003, Jennifer Knox
Southern California mixer , Jan. 22, 2003, Kathy Carson
Phoenix mixer, Jan. 27, 2003, Dean Zammiello
Northeast mixer, Feb. 10, 2003, Shawna Miller
Seattle mixer, Feb. 12, 2003, Veronica Acosta
New England bowling event, Feb. 24, 2003, Tara Kelly
New England ski trip event, Feb. 26, 2003, Tara Kelly
Quad Cities, Iowa, mixer, Feb. 26, 2003, Leslie Pelton
Cleveland, Ohio, mixer, March 5, 2003, James Roberts

For More Information

For more information on training from Transitions Optical, contact your Transitions Solutions Team representative, your Transitions Platinum Elite STAR Lab representative, or Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506.