Lens Product Discontinuation Notice
Effective August 31st, 2023, due to low demand, Essilor of America will be discontinuing the following products:

  • Definity® and Definity® 3
  • Varilux ® S Series™
  • Crizal ® Avancé ™

Definity® and Definity® 3 products were removed from Managed Vision Care plans mid August, 2023. Varilux ® S Series™ and Crizal ® Avancé ™ were removed from Managed Vision Care plan as of September 1, 2023.

For your customers using these lenses, we recommend replacing Definity with Varilux Comfort Max and using NEW Varilux XR series in the place of Definity 3 and Varilux S series. Crizal® Rock™ is recommended to be used in place of Crizal Avancé.