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Thread: Hoya progressives ID Myself, Lifestyle 3urban vs ID lifestyle V+

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    Confused Help with Hoya progressives ID Myself, Lifestyle 3urban vs ID lifestyle V+

    Hello Everybody

    I need assistance with identifying whether it’s a script issue ( optometrist) or Lens adaptation.

    Px is a male, 52 years old, 5.8ft tall

    old Rx

    R+5.50/-0.75x32 add+1.25
    L+5.00/-1.25x15 add+1.25
    Lens Id lifestyle V+ Clarity x11 1.6 index ARC

    R28.5 L28

    Frame round style in metallic Size 50-20 B size 43
    Notes: higher pantoscopic angle
    px feedback: happy all around and comfy

    New Rx May 2023
    R+5.75/-0.75x58 add+1.75
    L+5.50/-1.25x20 add+1.75

    Lens Lifestyle 3 Lite urban X11 1.6 index ARC
    R34.5 L34
    R27 L27
    Frame classic club master

    Px feedback: uncomfortable: eyestrain and ghosting both at distance and near.

    July 2023
    Px return for a Re-check, optometrist same result, nothing wrong.

    “ it is obvious as daylight but okay”

    booked for the laboratory rep to come through for extra measurements so we could upgrade lens to ID myself X14 1.6 with ARC and changed frame to oakley metallic frame light weight

    the only thing that they changed for these measurements was the Seg both eyes 23

    Measurement details
    Created: 27.07.2023
    Centering values
    Interpupillary distance: 69,7
    z (horizontal) R: 34,1
    y (vertical) R: 22,5
    z (horizontal) L: 35,5
    y (vertical) L: 25,5
    Frame dimensions
    Horizontal boxed lens size: 53,7
    Vertical boxed lens size: 42,0
    Distance between lenses: 17,3
    face form angle (°): 8,9
    Frame type: Metal
    BVD measurement
    Back-vertex-distance: 8,3
    Head posture
    Inclination: 7,9
    Rotation (° | mm): -0,2 | 0,0
    Rotation compensation: on
    Manufacturer: HOYA
    Lens type: progressive
    Progression zone length: 16,0

    Px collected Friday and came back on Monday
    feedback: note happy, same issue, something wrong with the construction of the lenses

    Any ideas on how to address this issue with the optometrist without hurting his feelings. Also I don’t really believe moving from x11 to x14 Corridor is responsible for such significant discomfort?
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