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Thread: VSP billing rant

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    VSP billing rant

    I cannot fathom how every other insurance I don't need 2 separate authorizations for an exam but then enter VSP. Eyefinity will not allow you to bill a CL fit on the same authorization for glasses and it is maddening. So every time instead of deleting the original authorization that was pulled and getting 2 myself before I bill everything I just go ahead and bill it and call VSP and complain and have them give me a separate authorization for just the CL fit.

    The worst part is, the freaking representatives try and get defensive! "Well you could solve the problem yourself and delete the original and pull 2, 1 for the exam and fit and one for glasses." You're right, I COULD do that, but then it would never change. And I wouldn't get to talk to you and make you do it and hopefully if enough people do that enough times VSP will finally wake the F up and fix this exceedingly dumb issue.

    Or "well some of our plans have a CL amount for both the fit and CL together, so we can't fix it." OK... so why not have all the other plans where this is not the case be allowed to bill CL fit with glasses, they are separate benefits on the plan, they shouldn't be tied together the majority of the time.


    End rant

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    I think the majority of those reps are all working from home, and remain completely and forever disconnected from the absolute knuckleheads that continually search for ways to make the system more clunky, less functional, and always add mouse clicks to the process. In the end, the harder they make their system for patients to understand, and doctors to use/bill, the more BILLIONS they get to sit on in profits. And sit they DO.

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