PRIO Corporation, the leader in the computer vision care industry, has developed a staff training video for eye care professionals that focuses on how to incorporate computer vision care into your practice.

"We all know that staff training is an important key to any successful practice," said Jon Torrey, President/CEO of PRIO Corporation, Beaverton, OR. "With this in mind, we have developed the PRIO Doctor/Staff computer vision care training video."

The 34-minute video is intended as an educational tool for both doctors and staff. It covers why computer vision care should be included in a comprehensive eye exam, the importance of pre-screening computer users, and specific details on performing the PRIO exam and dispensing computer eyewear. It also includes clinical studies that support computer vision care as an effective way to increase worker productivity and employee comfort.

"The video is an excellent educational tool for both doctors and staff members," continued Torrey. "It is intended to support our existing PRIO network of ECPs, as well as introduce the specialty to those who would like to incorporate computer vision care into their practice. We think it is a worthwhile investment for every office."

PRIO Corporation will provide the staff training video FREE to current PRIO ECPs. It will also be provided FREE to new ECPs that purchase PRIO's Complete Computer Vision Solution, which includes the PRIO diagnostic instrument, a family of near variable focus lenses, computer eyewear collections for children and adults, a revolutionary new retractable nearpoint rod, and Shazam!, a lens calculator software package that takes the guess work out of ordering and fitting near variable focus lenses.

For those who would like to purchase the staff training video and are not PRIO- Provider ECPs, the cost is $9.95 including shipping. Call 800-621-1098 or go to www.prio.com for more information about the new staff training video.