I had a 54 yo low myope VSP patient new to the area who was wearing Persol ophthalmic frames SVDO and SVNO (why?) and we updated his lenses with 1.5 AR-coated for both pair. Good.

But he wanted new sun, so we brought in a particular wrappy aviator RayBan sunglass to Rx SVDO. BUT NO! He wants "genuine Rayban Rx lenses" and won't consider Shamir Attitude III. He is told "there's nothing at all special about Rayban Rx lenses and the lenses we use are from the same company and probably exceed the quality of Rayban-branded lenses". But nope. He mentions he's a "loyal customer of Lenscrafters" (???) and wants those lenses and will get his sunglasses elsewhere.

What an idjit. Smarter than we are, I guess.

Branding is a way to make people cult members.