Hello. I have a customer who really like their old progressive lenses. With those lenses she can comfortably see her multiple monitors at intermediate distance without turning her bad neck too much. For new lenses, I sold her Essilor Varilux X because it's supposed to have the widest corridor, but apparently not wide enough for her (compared to her current glasses). I think her old lenses have an ADD of +1.00, while her new Varilux X has an ADD of +2.00. I know that higher add power generally makes the corridor narrower. Maybe this narrower corridor is the new reality she has to get used to.

In any case, I need help identifying her old lenses.

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Above the temporal marking is "IXL-9". Below it is "100", which is probably the ADD power. Below that is the letter "A". Above the nasal marking is "1.61", which is probably the lens material.

So the question is, what lens has that "IXL-9" markings?