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Thread: Ortho-K cleaning regimens

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    Ortho-K cleaning regimens

    Hi everyone.

    Whats your recommended cleaning regimen for young Ortho-K wearers?

    MPS? Boston conditioner and cleaner? Hydrogen peroxide? If H2O2, then what about a rubbing step/protein removal?

    And additional saline or comfort drops for loosening the lens in the morning before removal?

    I'm trying to get get into Ortho-K, but the biggest hurdle is fear of poor compliance due to overly complicated cleaning recommendations.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Really depends on the patient. Some will deposit in a matter of hours, while others can go months with no noticeable change to the surface. Case by case is what we do, and adjust accordingly. Keep it simple to start. Something like Simplus. If the pt needs more, step up to a slightly more aggressive regimen. The last thing little Susie needs is a possible perox burn on top of learning how to wear a potentially uncomfortable lens in the beginning. Once they get the hang of wear, assess how the lenses are looking after a few days and weeks, and adjust home care as needed.

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