Decision Fueled by Increasing Awareness of Transitions® Lenses as Everyday Solution for UV and Glare Protection
PINELLAS PARK, Fla., June 18, 2003 – To fuel the momentum of increasing awareness of the need for UV and glare protection, Transitions Optical, Inc. will continue to advertise on television this summer and fall as part of its overall eye health-focused campaign for 2003. Transitions’ futuristic television commercial will air more than 2,200 times on U.S. network and cable stations for 11 weeks beginning June 30, more than twice the number of times it aired the first half of the year. Additionally, consumers will be seeing more of Transitions on TV through sponsorships of high-profile sporting events, such as Wimbledon, and targeted health- and home-related programming.

“Our research shows increasing brand awareness since the TV advertising began in March,” said Frank Reilly, North America marketing director, Transitions. “Bringing attention to important eye health issues, such as UV and glare protection, and the value offered by a premium brand, benefits the optical industry as a whole. We’re thrilled to see that our educational efforts are making an impact, prompting us to continue our television advertising outreach with a second strong wave this summer and fall. Through our combined print and television initiatives, we’re pleased to be supporting eyecare professionals with advertising throughout the year.”

The television commercial, which shows a family in the future wearing Transitions® Lenses and conveys that all lenses in the future will offer everyday convenience and automatic UV and glare protection, will continue to include a toll-free number consumers can call for a referral as part of the Transitions Dispenser Referral Program. The program benefits eyecare professionals by bringing consumers who see Transitions Optical’s advertising directly to participating locations for more information.

The commercial also helps pique patients’ interest in their lenses, making them more open to education about their options in the dispensary, according to Ben Snedeker, A.B.O.C., an optician who works for an upscale optical shop, Shades Optical, in Birmingham, Mich.

“Since the Transitions ad began running, we’ve definitely had more patients ask us about Transitions Lenses,” said Snedeker. “Because of the ‘techie’ feel of the ads, the patients are already of the mind-set that Transitions have improved dramatically over previous photochromic technology, making the educational process about the lenses much easier. Industry advertising plays a valuable role in predisposing patients to want to learn more about premium products and encouraging them to play an active role in the process of purchasing their lenses.”

The commercial will air seven days a week 12 times per hour from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on all major networks and top-rated cable networks, including during sports programming, such as PGA golf, Major League Baseball, and college and NFL pre-season football.

Transitions Optical’s 2003 eye health-focused campaign also includes high-impact print advertising. All told, the print and television campaigns together will reach 193 million adults this year.

Transitions Sponsorships to Appear on Targeted Health- and Home-related Programming

Complementing the airing of its television commercial, Transitions will also be seen by consumers on television through sponsorships of targeted health- and home-related programming on The Weather Channel, HGTV, MSNBC and Discovery Health. On The Weather Channel, for example, Transitions will sponsor the UV Protection Index, as well as a series of 14 Health Series vignettes, the majority of which will focus on eye care.

Transitions Optical will also have a major presence on television during The Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon, June 30 - July 6. In addition to airing the commercial 25 times during the tournament, Transitions Optical will sponsor the “Transitions Point of the Day,” in which a critical highlight from one of the day’s matches will be shown.