Hi, Does anyone know if there are any data sets available publicly (or that you have sitting on a drive somewhere and are permitted to share) with images of folks wearing frames, with the position of wear data available or associated as to tag the data. I'm using Stable Diffusion to attempt to train a model to make better "Trying on frames" pictures, and I'd ideally like to have a check built in for stuff like vertex distance (If the Rx is written with a 7mm assumed, but the person's face makes that impractical it would be good to know early in the process)

I'm also trying to include things like wrap adjustment for high + lenses and how one might expect to see a pair of glasses as dispensed (I know bevel placement and 1000 other things will bedevil me when I get to this point, but I've gotta get started for that to matter)

If anyone knows any datasets that already exist (And if there are any tagged datasets, that'd be the holy grail)


p.s. I already checked kaggle, no luck