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Thread: Tray Alternatives

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    Tray Alternatives

    Hello all and happy Friday!
    We are a rapidly growing practice and we currently keep all our jobs, when they come in, in lab trays until patient picks up. However, this is beginning to take up a lot of room and it wont be long before we are out of room. What have you all found to be the most efficient way to keep your jobs that are ready for patient pick up?

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    Keep them in an envelope in a drawer. Number the envelopes and keep a spreadsheet with the patients name and the order date and number of times they were called or any other data you deem necessary. When the order is picked up reuse the envelope and assign it to another patient. At any time you can resort the spreadsheet by date so you can see the oldest orders or by number if times they were called or any other way you want information.

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    I know many places that use drugstore bag systems to save room and make easy finding a patients pick up. You can alphabetically mark/file, reuse, ect.

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