Hello everyone,

I had an interesting troubleshoot today. The Pt was picking up their glasses and having trouble seeing out of their new progressive lenses. They were unable to read up close or see clearly far away.

They had recently had cataract surgery and had a new distance and reading Rx from their Dr. The optician who sold them their glasses (not me) put them in progressives, since they had both a far and near Rx.

After asking them some follow up questions, they either have multifocal IOLs or more probably the Dr has them set up for Monovision post surgery. They were really confused and unsure what the Dr had done, and they are going back for a follow up visit. I did not think you could use progressive lenses with Monovision or Multifoical IOL or contact lenses. I explained that we could do one pair for reading and a separate pair for driving, but they were adamant that they didn't want to have to switch back and forth between glasses.

Does anyone have any experience with situations like this?

Thanks for your help and advice.