Hi there,
Just looking for a bit of advice before remaking lenses.

We have an Old PX that is experiencing double vision (horizontal) after a few min of wear when looking at the TV or distance.
She has tried for 2 weeks already.
We have dotted up and double checked the RX , PD and fitting heights.
Background info:
She is 59 years old
New Lenses: Zeiss Smartlife Progressive Plus 1.67 into shell frame (came back as standard corridor, although we ordered medium - optom said to let her try first) Measured and triple checked again with Digital measuring device (Visufit)
Latest RX (verified in room as better by PX by prescribing Optom)
R: -9.00
L: -10.00
Add: +2.00
Uneven heights: R: 22.5 : 24
Mono Pd's: R:31 L: 27

Her old ones don't give her double vision and she never experienced before with any PAL's
Old lenses from 2015: OSA/Kodak Unique 1.67 into a shell frame
R: -9.00/-1.25 x 180
L: -10.50
Add: +2.50
Even Heights: 17
PD: R: 29 L:29

All her previous PALS's from the past had the same PD and even fitting heights.

Her double vision is confirmed as "side by side" horizontal in nature.

At first i thought maybe Zeiss sending the wrong "longer corridor" might be affecting the vision a bit.
But she only complained of the double vision when doing distance based things like TV or looking far. Always happens after 3-6 min or so.

The prescribing Optom is suggesting to remake 1. Shorter corridor 2. even up the PD and heights to mimic how she had lenses in the past

is that a good idea?

Just a bit stumped by this one as with newer technology lenses like these, usually it is better to be more spot on accurate not like the old conventional PALS which you could play around with a bit.

Sorry for the essay.. Any help would much appreciated.

Thank you.