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Thread: New York State licensure process

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    New York State licensure process

    Is there anyone versed in New York State licensure requirements? I'm having extensive difficulty with getting a straight answer through the state. I've paid my application fee for licensure. I've submitted my out of state experience; that has been approved by the board. I've subsequently submitted proof that I've taken at least one year of math in high school. I am all set to pay almost $1000 to sit for and travel to the take the state practical. (Which seems a bit expensive to prove that I am a proficient ophthalmic dispenser, but ok.)

    Now I'm being advised that I am also required to pay over one thousand dollars to take a Career Progression Program through the NAO. I understand that this a great program for new opticians, but I've been practicing for over 20 years. The NAO has provided me with a cirrucilum for this program, and it is designed to prepare one to pass the ABO and start a career as an Optician. I'm working on my ABO advanced, and seeking a masters in Opticianry. This seems like paying to complete first grade once you've graduated from college. All this is required because I completed out of state education and experience.

    Does anyone know if there is an appeal process, or waiver process to bypass this requirement? It was originally explained to me by state employees that once the board approved my out of state experience, then I'd qualify to sit for the practical. Now I'm being told something different.

    Can anyone offer guidance on this matter?


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    As a current NYS Board member, I believe there is no other way.

    If there is, knowledge of it is above my pay grade.


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