With a new lease agreement you can now opt in to include an OCT or retinal camera (for a fair market value).

Whether you're an experienced doctor or a new graduate, you can take your profession to the next level while doing what you love - providing a top-notch patient experience while practicing full-scope optometry.
* Autonomy of Practice
* Set your own hours and fees
* Fit the contacts that are best for the patient
* Practice Full Scope Optometry
* Excellent Instrumentation / Equipment Provided and Maintained (Standard to All Locations)
* Pre-Testing: Autorefractor/Autokeratometer, Autolensometer, NCT, Visual Field (Humphrey FDT or Oculus)
* Exam Lane: All furnishing and necessary exam lane equipment - Chair, Projector, Slit Lamp, Phoropter, Goldmann Tonometer, B.I.O, Hand held Instruments, Condensing Lenses, Trial Lenses and Trial Frame, CL Trial Sets

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