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Thread: Weco E3.2 vs Nidek LE-800/Lexce

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    Weco E3.2 vs Nidek LE-800/Lexce

    Hello members,

    We are looking for a replacement for our Briot Silver which worked welle since 2008.
    I am just wondering if anyone has experience with the Weco E.3.2, the specs are quite very attractive especially when comparing the prices with Nidek.
    Just read that some people have some software issues and that Weco/briot needs more maintenance than Nidek. My feelings are saying that Nidek is more reliable but of course price is much higher.

    I also heard that Hoya tracer can be connected with the Nidek LE-800, than you do not need to invest in the trace from Nidek itself. But need to be confirmed, I am waiting for that question to be answered soon
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