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Thread: Adding/Combining Cylinder Powers

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    Adding/Combining Cylinder Powers

    Hello Everyone,

    I was trying to build an excel spreadsheet to do vertex, wrap, & panto tilt compensation and I've gotten through calculating vertex, and the new sphere powers using Darryl's formula on pdf pg.74 of Intro to Ophthalmic Optics , but his formula only gives the induced cylinder power and not the "new" cylinder power that must be ordered.

    So the next thing I need to do is take the induced cylinder & axis(180 for panto & 90 for wrap) and add it to the patients cylinder and axis. I'm struggling to find the formula on how to do this.

    Example: Patients Cyl is -0.50 @135 and the induced cyl from panto tilt is -0.50 @ 180

    According to this would result in -.15 Sphere and -.71 Cylinder @158, but it doesn't explain how it arrives at it.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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