Hello everyone. I have a problem that I have no experience with and need advice.My pt came in with half-busted/broken bubble type lenticular lenses shoved into a sunglasses frame on its last leg. The pt said the lenses were 40 years old and I have no experience with lenticular lenses. She said she wanted to see distance , computer and near and didn't want the bubble anymore. My thought was let's put her in a non-compensated pal so to accommodate her wishes and make it look better. Pt is a +13.00 with a +3.00 ADD OU. Pt called and said she couldn't read and I'm not too sure what to do here because her rx was double-checked, seg placement was dotted lower edge of pupil and pd came out correct. She's in a Shamir Intouch 15 w/a seg of 24 in a 1.74 material. Does anyone have any idea what's going on or what I can do?? Does a lenticular lens just have one distance or is it a multifocal?? When not wearing her glasses she wears sv RGP CL's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.