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Thread: Going on 3rd Re-do!

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    Going on 3rd Re-do!

    Hi all

    I need some help with choosing the best PAL design for a small frame 49-16 B:31. It's a patient owned frame and current lenses were PALs from Costco. Unfortunately she is non adapt in the Auto II Variable and I tried the Intellect HD Universal (which I thought would be close to Costco brand lenses, but I thought wrong) I've sent the patient back to the O.D. for Rx recheck and he changed the Rx and matched the Rx in her old lenses. I feel like the the issue may be with the corridors. She complains about the sweet spots being inconsistent for intermediate and near. I feel like she may need something wider for near. Any suggestions? Maybe Comfort 2?

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    "She complains about the sweet spots beging inconsistent for intermediate and near" sounds like a problem patient. Intermediate and near zones don't vary. They're the same. Every minute of every day. There's no such thing as "inconsistent" lenses.

    If she's not just a complainer, you have to get her to explain what her issue is, in a way that makes optical sense, before you apply willy-nilly solutions.

    Also, the idea of chasing some gold-standard-previously-adapted-to PAL design is sheer folly. Whatever the heck she had been wearing is probably inferior to the Auto II for intermediate and near, at least from a ray-tracing standpoint. You gave her one of the best lenses ever designed. That's not the problem.

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    I think you didn't match Costco's price and she expected more for the higher price.

    You can't fix that.

    We also lack the rx's.

    I've surreptitiously put old lenses back into frames with this complaint and listened to them say the problem is still there.

    Does Costco do lenses only?

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    Try an 11mm or 13 mm design in an Auto 2 all depends on the ht. of the progressive. Check the shamir design chart...

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