Hey all, I just got a Camber job in (Walman's Power Plus branded one). It's got all the digital conversion values on the order sheet, looks more or less fine, until I get to the Add power. Pt is -7.00ish, some cyl at 90ish OU, and an add of 2.25. Normally when I get a job back with the digital conversions, it's not unusual for me to see that Add altered to like a 2.18, give or take. This one was dropped all the way to a 1.88 in both eyes. What kinds of factors would account for that dramatic of an alteration? It's a Daddy-O frame, and the other lens in a similar-ish frame is 1.98. I'm willing to trust the machines to calculate the math better than me, but I kind of want to know the WHY of that big a change