Just sitting here reflecting on some of my very unique lens sales, and was wondering, what's some of your most unique rx design?

I'll go first, a trucker, drove a day cab, came in discouraged saying "we can't help him with what he wants because nobody else could!" I asked what he was looking for, he said "I want a bifocal in my glasses, but not the standard." He wanted the OD to have a bifocal at the top of the lens, slightly to the right, so he could look up at his rearview and his CB, without much head movement, and a regular bifocal in his OS so he could read and run his log books. After some RX calculations, adjusting for cyl and axis to allow for flipping the lens, we got him fixed up and a patient for life.

I have many other's but that was my first from about 19 years ago.