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Thread: Steam Clouded My Lenses - How To Fix

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    Steam Clouded My Lenses - How To Fix

    Over the weekend, I was really sick and a friend suggested I breathe in steam from boiling water. So, like an idiot, I breathed in steam from a boiling kettle. It helped. My sore throat disappeared and I was able to sleep.

    However, my glasses are now messed up.

    They are very blurry all over now.

    Any idea how I fix these?

    The damage doesn't appear to be on the surface --- it's like deep somehow.


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    Bring them in to the optical that you got them from for an evaluation. Best wishes!

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    As per the forum rules which you agreed to when registering, this forum is for eyecare professionals only. Please contact a qualified eyecare professional for any questions of help you may require.

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