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Are you an associate disillusioned with the changes after a private equity acquisition? Or ready for a change from commercial practice? Or working in a practice that just doesn’t feel like the right fit? Or a recent graduate new to the profession looking for the right opportunity?
At Focused on Eyes we’ve worked hard for 16 years to build an eyecare practice with a reputation for excellence. Fortunately we have succeeded. Unfortunately, our success means our schedule is booked over a month in advance, resulting in inconvenience for our patients and limiting our ability to grow even more. Clearly this represents a crisis we want to address. We want to bring together the best eyecare professionals who share our passion to provide our patients with the best possible care. We are ready to bring in a new full-time or part-time optometrist to join our eyecare family. We want to be THE premiere eyecare destination! Our vision includes continuing to expand our medical model for ocular disease management, creation of a dry eye center of excellence and an Eye Spa, while continuing to provide traditional optometric care. We want to work toward a Direct Eye Care insurance-free model practice, independent of the dictates of third party providers. If being an integral part of our plan for expansion of scope of practice and growth, relying on your knowledge, skills, and input, if you are ready for a change, ready to step into private practice, whether as an employee, an independent contractor, or potentially as an owner, we encourage you to reach out to us! We believe in doing what is in our patient’s best interest, and success will follow. We like to work with our patients to meet their needs, and have fun while doing it! Don’t take our word for it, check out our review page. If this is at all intriguing to you, reach out today and let’s start a discussion. Of course all inquiries will remain completely confidential. Dr. Jacqueline Lucas

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