I wanted to introduce myself. I started in the optical field very young in my family business and made great strides in my industry since then. I recently started a consulting business because in 20 years I have seen a lot of independent optical shops being pummeled by the big dogs. Whether it is due to complacency or resistance to change, COVID related, or just cannot compete with the corporate monsters. I have seen them die off one by one. I have always had an eye for improvement since I was young in this field. I can spot them from the sales floor, back end accounting behaviors, lab issues, frame management, staff management and training, increasing profit margin, etc. I want to help our community fight back. One of the ways I can do that is helping as many shops as I can eliminate their pains and increase their profit.

I would love feedback as to what pains you are having as business owners? If someone could come in and help, what would make your life easier?

Any feedback would be helpful, we need to band together in order to move forward.