Hospital grade frame sanitizer, will sanitize 12-20 frames at a time. On average we were able to fit 16 frames at a time without scratching the frames or flipping them over.

Comes with 2 glass rods, more are available at Sios. Comes with one extra bulb. Each bulb lasts for about 4 years. Comes with extra test stickers to ensure correct radiation level. The color it should be is salmon.

Will sanitize frames in 1.1 minute and KN95/N95 masks at 3 minutes. Kills Covid-19 and everything in between.

Will automatically shut off so you don't have to worry if it is still on!

Can mail for shipping cost if necessary. Located in Chicago, IL.

Used for 4 months, we have an extra and do not need a 2nd. Used with care, almost new condition.

Message me for questions.