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Thread: Trouble shooting problem with edger LE 9000sx

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    Edger LE 9000sx -chucked lens hovers above wheel

    I am hoping you can help me diagnose this problem and figure out if I need to replace a part. So when the edger (LE9000sx) is chucked with a lens and I have a lens traced, I hit start and the chuck will bring the lens down about 2cm above the wheel, but won't actually hit the wheel. The lens is spinning but just doesn't go down far enough. The chucked lens keeps spinning indefinitely.

    This happened after there was a clog in the drain and the chamber had water about halfway up (no water leaked outside of the chamber to the internals/electronics).

    I've fixed some minor stuff on the machine, so I'd rather do this myself then try to make a service call since they'll probably have to send someone from a different city and end up costing more than what I could just get a refurbished one for.

    Any advise is appreciated. Thank you.
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    Do a calibration of the machine. I had that same issue about 3 months ago and calibration seems to have fixed it.

    Hope this helps

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    Get a can of air and spray the inside electronics, or just wait it out, it will dry and should take right off.

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    Is this an LE-9000 Express or not? Serial number for Express will start with a 2, non-express starts with a 1.
    If express, see if you can push the chuck shafts all the way down by hand- if you feel anything catching, there's likely debris in the tracks of the chamber.
    For either express, or non- , open cover and if you follow the left side chuck shaft all the way out the the left, you'll get to a big gear and see two small sensors around that area- one is for rotation, the other is for the up/down movement. Blow both out with a can of air. Also, follow the wires on those sensors and you'll see a board- maybe 2"x3"- see if there's anything that might have splashed or otherwise gotten on that board.
    Feel free to reach out to me on if you need any more help!

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