Multi-line, independent Sales Reps for several territories or reps who wish to work directly for this decades old company

You will discover that you actually have 3 excellent choices. 1) You can work directly for New Millennium Eyewear with a salary/draw vs commission and all the perks that come with this or 2) You can add the New Millennium/I-Optics collections to what you currently carry as a straight commission rep and fill the styles, materials and price points void created by the limitations of what you are carrying or 3) You can add the three low priced/large margin collections of New Millennium's Lido West to fill three price points that are not part of what you are presenting.

Consider this scenario, after you have already driven 2 hours to see your account and have placed your primary line for the this trip, why not expose the account to some exciting products that are based on filling either a price point need for them or a style need for them. At the same time, you will be adding to your income at a time when we could all use it the most.

These collections offer:
- Easy to sell, excellent product lines
- Generous commissions
- Several programs to motivate buyers to place orders

Some of these available geographic areas include Iowa, Idaho, North Carolina, St. Louis, Mo area, cities on the California Coast, cities on the Eest Coast of Fla., Denver area, some major Texas city areas, Chicago area, Maryland/Wash DC area, Michigan or Utah+ more.

But I need you to take a small action. Please email your resume or inquiries to the confidential mail box: Send your email: Attention - Sales Recruiter.

I am looking forward to your questions.
I will reply to your inquiry shortly after your initiation.