We had a patient in who has the strangest lens, and we're all stumped what it could be. There is an add of SOME sort in there, which I read at ~ +1.25. But the jump/distortion in that zone is super pronounced and dramatic compared to my co-worker's 2.something add progressive. The only marking on the lens is an X (and just a plain X, not like a stylized or fancy font or anything) set low and temporally; there's no other symbols, text, or markings anywhere in the lens.

Current theories: I thought possibly a blended bifocal, but there's no bump on the lens from what I can tell. Maybe a DAL? I don't know how prevalent those are at the moment, though. I think there's a digital BF or something? I see it from time to time on the dropdown menu for like Eyemed, but I've never actually seen one in person, so I don't know what that one looks like and whether it has a line or not.

Anyone got any insight that may shed some light on this?