Can anyone whos ever been licensed in one state, other than NY, and then become Licensed in NY tell me what all is involved? Ive already gone onto the NY State Licensing board website and gotten the ball rolling by applying and paying the application fee, then I have submitted forms to be filled out by VA Dept of Occupation and Professional Regulation on my behalf to certify my professional licensure in VA and paid THEIR fees, and now Im attempting to get the community college I went to to certify I met the educational requirements and certify that and send those forms to the NY state board as well. SO- I think there are 3 parts to this, but if someone could help fill in the blanks for me so I know Im not wasting my time doing all this if I have to do something else first, like sit all over again for the NY State Ophthalmic Dispensing test or get my NCLE, or any number of things I could be overlooking. Thanks in advance!