1 National Optronics 2G generator, new condition, 39,000 cuts since new…$6495(Tex -A)

Visual Lab program add $2000 to price of the 2G

2000 aluminum tools, very good condition, includes near 300 “flat tools” plano to 3……$1.00 ea (Tex-A)

1 Coburn 99 alloy blocker, very good condition, tan color…$595 (Tex-A)

24 pounds of #117 alloy, clean…..$35.00 pound( Tex-A)

100 blocks for Coburn 99, 95A or 990….$2.00 ea(Texas)

1 3M pneumatic tape machine, runs very well, re-painted….$595( Tex-A)

1 Coburn #506 cylinder machine, new baffles included, good running…$995( Tex-A)

Prices plus crating and shipping costs.

Contact Barry Shepard for pictures

Barry 714-963-8991

Barry arrryshepard@verizon.net

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