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Thread: Dressing a Coburn HPE910

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    Confused Dressing a Coburn HPE910

    Just need a little reminder on how too please. I'm back doing extensive lab work and trying to get a edger up and running. The wheels need dressing badly as it seems that machine hasn't been trued in a long time. When checking the settings there are over 4500 jobs ran on the wheels. Now I have three (3) colored stones and the manual is not helpful at all in explaining. Can someone assist? I have a green stone, white stone, a brown stone and a grey stone. Now I'm confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to figure out which stone goes for what wheel. TIA

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    Just make sure you don’t dress a plated wheel, you’ll just knock the diamonds off it. On bonded wheels, use the gray stone. Soak it in water for a few minutes, get the motor up to full speed, then turn it off while immediately placing the stone on the wheel you’re dressing. Apply enough pressure to stop the wheel in 2-3 seconds. Repeat at most 1-2 more times.

    If it’s a finish wheel you may need to recalibrate sizing. After dressing it’s not unusual for it to cut larger than before dressing.

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