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Thread: Need info regarding Two Door LAw in CA

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    Need info regarding Two Door LAw in CA

    I am a licensed optician working for a corporate entity in the state of CA. We are a Two-Door state. The Optometrist next door (separate entity) routinely asks me to check in her patients, confirm appointments and many other duties regarding her exams. While i don't mind helping when I can, we are very busy and my sales = my commission and these sales are inhibited due to these other requests. I don't feel like its legal for the doctor to ask me to do work outside of my corporate job description. I am looking for concise documentation on the subject. Please help!

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    My condolences Meloney for what I’m sure is a forced move from Tn. To Ca…

    This is all imho, but if you and the doc work for the same Corp., you’re not in a very good situation. Discuss the situation with your manager, hopefully, they are sympathetic, but be prepared for them to be on the corporate side. Rocking the boat comes to mind, and what’s involved with that…

    I’m sorry you’re going through this and can find a good private practice to move to.

    Good Luck

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    Agree with optical24/7.
    If the doctor's office and the shop is the same company, it's more likely that you are expected to do these things.
    But if they are completely two separate non-related companies, then you might want to talk to your manager to let them know.
    The logical idea seems to be that they need to hire their own staff and manage their own services,
    but keep in mind that lots of exam clients=lots of potential for sales... and management might be more in favor of the optometrist.

    I used to work at a private practice where we had a separate optometrist office.
    I worked for the optical store and NOT for the optometrists, but I helped checking in the patients, making/handling/confirming appointments, etc.
    as well as helping them fit contact lenses for the first time when lines were being packed (again, we were NOT related to the optometrists).
    It felt like I was doing jobs for free, too.
    We had a lot of discussions but ultimately the management decided that it was more beneficial to keep the optometrist happy and pick up after them then to fight it,
    so we hired more employees to cover the floor and that was that.

    If you read this when you have time they have laws regarding it:

    But I don't think they say anything specifically about whether you need to be helping or not.
    I think it boils down to whether it profits the optical shop even after wasting man power and time for them.

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    Hard to serve two masters, ain't it.

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    It sounds like the optometrist side needs to hire some receptionists...

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