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Thread: How many frames are needed to sell?

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    How many frames are needed to sell?

    I will be starting a part time concierge optical service as part of my retirement plan. I am asking for opinions of how many frames I should carry for a in home fitting. My gut reaction is 60 women, 40 men and 40 children, but I could see where 2 to 3 times that is recommended. Please share your opinion.

    I am reminded of a group of shoe stores I saw in New York City. One store has thousands of shoes selling for $20 to $40. Next to it was a store with 50 shoes on display selling for $500 a pair.

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    Same as a regular B&M location, you need to identify your target market. Economy? Mid priced? Luxury? Lots of kids? 20-30 somethings? Elderly?

    I’ve retired ( congrats to you that you made it!) I wouldn’t even think of going back into dispensing, but if I was taking your route, I’d target assisted living/upperclass nursing homes. Those old folks still have money, it’s difficult for them to get out and will pay a premium for at home, personalized care.

    For the most part, stay away from regular nursing homes, most in those have gone through their money already and are existing on Medicare/Medicaid and don’t have the funds for discretionary spending. ( which is a shame…)

    Good luck!

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    I always wondered what it would be like to sell them my time at $100 an hour as a "fashion consultant" for frames.

    Take them to chains around you and buy the frame.

    Charge them a flat $400 fee above lens cost.

    Kind of like how Lechmere* in Cambridge worked where whatever they sold they priced it with a set (profit) number above cost.

    Yes- There's a lot of evil in this but...welcome to today's world of optical!!!

    * Lechmere has apparently morphed into Target and Green Line conductors announcing the MBTA stop would be a real hoot for those who don't talk noomal english.
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