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Thread: Oculus Easyfield 15000 Perimeter Visual Field For Sale!

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    Redhot Jumper Oculus Easyfield 15000 Perimeter Visual Field For Sale!

    Lightly Used Oculus Easyfield C 15000 Perimeter for Sale! Complete Set.

    This is the newer version with adjustable chinrest and stand support. It is around 6 yearsold.
    This is the improved version vs the much older model Easyfield 56930 that were made more than 15 years ago.
    Item has been tested on patients at Optometry office.
    Item comes with control pad, hand held button, lens holder, 2 Instrument Eyeshields, Patient Shield, Physical Manual, USB drive ( with software support, videos, manuals, etc), power supply, Oculus Cover.

    No Laptop is included or needed. ( Your preference if you want to install into your own laptop so printout looks nicer as seen on demo picture)

    Item will be carefully shipped in original Oculus Shipping Box.
    Domestic Shipping Only.

    Item will have 14 days warranty. Bid with confidence.

    Manufacturer Manual Information:

    Link to Ebay:

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