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Thread: lens drill (China)

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    lens drill (China)

    Hi Ya All

    Just wondered if anyone out there has one of these or basically are they any good?

    Digital Drilling Machine 3G Ophthalmic Optical Lens New qa | eBay

    Many thanks for all of your replies


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    I know I regularly go to eBay for my own discount Chinese hardware.

    A friend of mine got a discount Chinese medical laser off of eBay. Normally you'd need a license for such a thing, but eBay doesn't concern itself with things like that. If you've got the cash, you can buy it. It's rather amazing the amount of stuff you can burn with a medical laser.

    But, a word of caution, don't trust any of the safety equipment that comes with your discount Chinese hardware. My friend was using real laser goggles for protection, but an errant beam refracted off of a surface, and hit the safety glasses that came with the laser. It shot a hole directly through the so called "safety glasses", and that was at just a fraction of the lasers full power. Needless to say, my friend is fortunate that he is stupid, but not stupid enough to trust "free safety glasses" that came with his discount Chinese eBay medical laser, otherwise he would be currently down at least one eyeball.

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