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    Slab Off

    Just some thoughts on slab off, on May of this year patient OS was -0.25 +0.50 X014 with +250 ADD, she had some sever glaucoma issues, now it's -4.25 OS same add, her OD stayed the same -0.75 +0.75 X030. To slab off or not to slab off is the question. Leaning against it but Dr. stated that "Should be" her RX for some time.

    I'm thinking no.

    What are y'alls thoughts?

    Y or N
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    Reasons to slab:

    *Power difference at 90 is over 2D

    * Power imbalance is recent, and won’t be resolved relatively soon. ( example. catx)

    * Patient refuses to wear a CL on affected eye to reduce imbalance.

    If going the slab route, I highly recommend a ft over a PAL. ( purely from personal experience. They will still have a line/blurr in one lens and image jump passing the line in downward gaze.) It’s also cosmetically noticeable unless FF blended ( even more of a blurr area at the slab point.)

    If the patient is habitual to PAL’s, it may be a motivating factor in the consideration of a CL on the OS. ( Your particular patient will also experience some image size difference ( Aniseikonia ) if only fully corrected with glasses.)

    For best visual outcome, recommend the CL option, after discussing the above outcomes.

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