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Thread: Building Lens Catalog In Compulink....Help?

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    Building Lens Catalog In Compulink....Help?

    Guys, I'm about ready to set this thing on fire. Hoping anyone might have tips or tell me I'm not totally crazy. I did a training session with Compulink on building the lens catalog, but the way they have it built just has SO much clutter. Trying to find a way to clean it up. But the problem I'm running into is when you build a glasses order for a patient. There's Focal Type, Lens, Material, Trans/Polar, and Aspheric. Then coatings and treatments off to the side. But it won't let us fee slip the order if there's nothing in the Lens category (even though it's just a repeat of everything else). So I'm trying to streamline the process and just have it tied to one drop down for each, to eliminate the clutter. But there is NOWHERE that I've found that allows me to edit the Lens category. Not where it'll let me attach the other options. It wants definitions but it lists literally EVERYTHING under Lens. Anyone have any tips? I see the solution in my mind but I can't seem to find a combination that works. Thanks....maybe I am crazy.....

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    If you are not crazy yet I predict you will be soon enough from this endeavor!

    Some (10?) years ago a regular poster (not so active now) from CA tried something like this. Anyone remember his name and the thread?

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    I might be able to help. Give me an example of what you want to do. You want to select one thing from the Package box and have it populate all the other boxes for you? I will admit I certainly don't use the spectacle Rx screen Compulink wants me to and have customized it to what works for me.

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