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Thread: Hoya ID Zoom

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    Hoya ID Zoom

    Thoughts on how this lens works for plano/+2.25 add with double monitors 30" away and BELOW eye level? As in two laptops sitting on a desk pushed a bit away from user...
    Looking for maximum clarity in the 15" (for paperwork) - 30" range.

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    I would have no hesitation to give it a try. Though I haven't personally dispensed any of the zoom, I have had a lot of success with the screen and the space, especially for emerging presbyopes. Would love to hear how it works for your customer.

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    That sounds like a situation for the Hoya iD Screen. Per the sales sheet, the Zoom is for viewing distances less than 2 feet (24"). You state your patient has their monitors at 30".

    We use the space/screen/zoom frequently, and I'd put that patient in the Screen. That's our "catch all" near lens, it works well, IMO.

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