1 National Optronics 7EX pattern-less edger and 4TX tracer, under 9,000 cuts since new……$13,995( Tex)

1 Kappa M10 Ultimate Edition pattern-less edger, tracer and blocker, 9800 lenses cuts, new condition....$9995(South Carolina)

1 Kappa MO5 Pattern-less edger, tracer and blocker, good condition, seller purchased a new Mr. Orange ..$5995 (S Carolina)

1 Santinelli / Nidek CE1 manual blocker marker, new condition$495(Mich)

1 Huvitz CPE 4000 pattern-less edger / tracer / blocker, gone through by re-builder, 30 day warranty….$5995

1 Nylamatic rim-less groover, new in the box…$495(Mich)

Call for pictures and contact information....you pay the sellers directly plus packing and shipping costs.

Barry Shepard 714-963-8991 California Barry Shepard@verizon.net

Complete 6 page list www.usedlabs.com www.usedopticalmachinery.com