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Thread: Opticians in Southern California? (So-Cal, Diamond Bar, Greater Los Angeles Area)

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    Wave Opticians in Southern California? (So-Cal, Diamond Bar, Greater Los Angeles Area)

    Hello! n.

    I have a pretty high prescription (hovering around the -7 ish mark) and since I was a kid my parents always took me to Costco/Korean optometry place where there wasn't really much focus on the "fitting" part or explaining the different options in free-form, aspheric etc. Hasn't been much of an issues in the past when my prescription was pretty simply but since my astigmatic/spherical prescription has been getting closer to astronomical the distortion/abberation and while reading or using the computer has been driving me nutes, I fixed a lot of it by adjusting the tilt after a Costco optician set it up with like 20 degrees of Pantascopic Tilt haha.

    Blind without my glasses and desperate for any help so I can go back to finishing up last couple semesters of my worthless business bachelors/playing games/staring at my ceiling without feeling like my eyes are splitting in half/the walls are moving (moderate exaggeration haha).

    I know that I am breaking the rules and prompty will remove my account, as I understand that it is not the purpose of this forum. But I need some help finding an optometrist practice with a somewhat knowledgable and experienced optician near me. (Would also appreciate any expertise in myopia control b/c I would like to avoid retinal detachment when i'm 40 but I'm aware it's a emerging field and knowledge is somewhat limited atm)

    Thank you so-much, (Will promptly never post again unless I end up becoming an optician haha)

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    As per the forum rules which you agreed to when registering, this forum is for eyecare professionals only. Please contact a qualified eyecare professional for any questions of help you may require.

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