BEAVERTON, OR -- Essilor Labs of America (ELOA), which has 75 labs across the country, has added PRIO Corporation to the non-Essilor product-approved list of vendors.

We are very excited about this new relationship, said Jon Torrey, President/CEO of PRIO Corp. Essilor is widely recognized as a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of ophthalmic lenses, and were pleased to be partners in the ELOA family of labs.

The PRIO Computer Lens (PCL) and PRIO Browser Lens will be available through all ELOA labs. The PRIO Browser lens is also Crizal compatible.

Our new relationship with PRIO further establishes us in the fast-growing and exciting specialty of computer vision, said Robert Colucci, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for ELOA. With computers now a part of everyday life for Americans of all ages, including more than 100 million workers, we wanted to move our business more aggressively into this area. Specifically, we wanted to do it with the leader in this specialty -- PRIO.

The PCL and Browser Computer Lens are both fully aspheric NVF (or mid-distance progressive) lens, designed for comfortable vision at near and intermediate distances. The power in the lens decreases from the reading area to the top of the lens, providing a much wider range of clear vision than single vision glasses. Both PRIO computer lenses are designed asymmetrically, with a right and left lens, and a decentered reading area for better acuity when doing close work.

PRIO Corporation markets The Complete Computer Vision Solution, including the PRIO diagnostic instrument, computer eyewear collections for children and adults, a revolutionary new retractable nearpoint rod, and, most recently, Shazam!, a lens calculator software package that takes the guess work out of ordering and fitting near variable focus lenses.

For more information on PRIO, call 800-621-1098 or log on to www.prio.com